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CLAWZ SG  – « Between Shadows & Lights »
(LP Digital & Vinyl)

« Where words fail, music speaks »… this is a central tenet for Steyoyoke keystone and melodic techno virtuoso Clawz SG. And how this music speaks! For his 5-year anniversary with the label that defined Ethereal Techno, the french producer once again delivers torrents and colourful kaleidoscopes of emotion.  This is “Between Shadows & Lights” LP, where uniquely original and immaculately polished sound design opens the doors, letting his unmistakable sounds fill the room from the first bar to the last. He is a gifted storyteller and an undisputed master of the analog synth domain; evidence the deep yet gentle bass growl, to fountains of sawtooth harmony, intricate layers weave and envelop, yet each waveform is as clearly defined and as pure as crystal.

This is a personal journey that lifts the spirit ever higher, to stratospheric levels of elation, souls of both artist and listener being exposed and transported to a far dimension of bliss. Whether a fan of the artist or the genre, do not miss this very special release, which will also be available as a limited double vinyl featuring a bonus track. (Biography)


01. Clawz SG – Existence (Extended Mix)
02. Clawz SG – Bloom (Extended Mix)
03. Clawz SG – Perpetual Search (Extended Mix)
04. Clawz SG – Quandary (Extended Mix)
05. Clawz SG – Reverence (Extended Mix)
06. Clawz SG – Divided Mind (Extended Mix)
07. Clawz SG – The Lightness Feat. Allies For Everyone (Extended Mix)
08. Clawz SG – Moira (Extended Mix)
09. Clawz SG – Safe Space (Bonus Track)

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